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Managers Love Callbacks

Managers know that the only thing they can depend on, is CHANGE. In fact, a good manager spends much of their time managing CHANGE – everything else is covered by systems and procedures.

And the changes in a call centre mean the queue of customer calls is anywhere between so low agents have too much time to kill, to too high – agents are stressed and Customer Service heading for disaster.

– CHANGE – 3 agents sick today –
– CHANGE – Computer system down and call handling time way up.
– CHANGE – Full staff today – nice change, but still a headache.
– CHANGE – Busy after the long weekend
– CHANGE – Christmas seems to be early this year !

So the trick is to install a system and procedure to handle these changes automatically. The technology at the heart of this is callbacks.

Callbacks are the FLEXIBLE part of the staffing puzzle, that mean you can still provide TOP Customer Service in the real world of staffing and traffic variations.

Callbacks mean the everyday changes in your Call Centre, that normally cause Customer Service to fluctuate, are handled smoothly and automatically.

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