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Travel companies profit from callbacks

Don’t miss a single sale – take full advantage of a rush of callers to your reservation centre.

Travel companies (airlines, trains, busses, ferries, hotel chains, travel agents, etc.) experience a lot of fluctuations in their call centre traffic.

The seasonal variations are somewhat predictable, but not totally. Who knows exactly which day the Winter Blues will give way to a rush to book that summer holiday ?

Less predictable are the event based variations, such as:

  • Travel disruptions in one mode, cause peaks in others – e.g. the ferries don’t sail due to weather
  • Sports and event fixtures announced – you can’t keep track of them all.
  • Cancelled sports and events.
  • Volcanoes – got stuck in that myself for a week of calling various call centers
  • Threats – terrorism and threats of unrest or war hugely affect travel plans
  • Weather – all kinds generate changes in call centre traffic for travel companies.

Travelers will use your call centre more during such events, as the internet just doesn’t cut it – it doesn’t address their specific needs in the special situation.

Even more important, during a surge there will be more NEW CUSTOMERS in the queue then normal. So this is your chance to impress and secure a new customer, permanently.

So, make hay when the sun shines – make sure you don’t miss a sale when the unexpected happens.

Golden rule – tell callers they will get a callback in the SAME time as if they had waited on the phone. What caller would not go for that option ?

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