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3 ways not calling the customer back can cost you BIG money

The first is compensation. Customers can demand compensation if you don’t call them back with the promised offer, or renewal on a cheaper plan etc. They might do this months after the promise was not kept. Savvy customers know you have recorded the phone call, or kept a record in your CRM. They will demand some kind of retribution, and you can be in a weak position not to comply.

Another is loss of custom. When new customers approach you, they are wary. So the promise to call them back is your opportunity to impress them with your organization. You must keep your promises. It could be a customer that will stay with you for years. Don’t break your promise.

And another is bad reputation. We all know that customers like to vent their spleen on social media these days. So that is where your failure to keep your promise will get broadcast. And I don’t know about you, but before I deal with a company I do check out their level of complaints on the internet.

The system for keeping your callback promises are:
– Ability for the agent to record the callback request in a centralized system. Personal calendars must not be used.
– The system controls the number of callbacks and does not allow you to overpromise.
– The agents gets to book a callback in specific timeslots, where they have not promised a callback already.
– When the time for the callback comes, the agent is prompted and can review the case before the callback.
– The callback itself is automatically dialed.
– If the customer is not answering, the agent can leave a message or the system can automatically reschedule it.
– If the agent is not available, then the callback is forwarded to the team to action..

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